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Experience one of the last great migrations of the
animal kingdom within the Hawaiian Island Humpback
Whale National Marine Sanctuary. Departing from
historic Lahaina Town, Maui, we guarantee Humpback
Whale encounters and the crystalline offshore waters
frequently provide a passing subsurface eye-to-eye view.


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Maui’s Top Boat Tour

Our fast, safe and comfy small group rafting vessel
allows us to quickly reach locations and spend more
time exploring! Our trips include some of the best
snorkeling Hawaii has to offer & hanging with marine
life, like our favorite friends the dolphins! Enjoy food
and tons of sightseeing like blow holes & island cliffs.


smallgroupiconupdateEvery seat is a front row seat!
Our small group rafting
vessels host small groups of
guests, so you get up close
and personal with Maui’s
whales, dolphins, tropical fish
and other marine life!


researchiconupdateWe donate our vessels,
time and resources to
researchers that are
working to understand our
marine environment
better and in turn, protect
and advocate for it.

esticonupdateWe are dedicated to sharing
our knowledge and experi-
ence of Maui’s ocean and its
creatures to encourage
eco-friendly decisions
and appreciation of the
paradise we are a part of.


cameraiconupdateWe have specialized in
photographic, non-threaten-
ing close encounters with
Dolphins, Whales & Turtles
since 1982. We have hosted
film crews from National
Geographic and BBC Wildlife!


The Ultimate Maui Whale Watching. Experience the Difference.

Maui whale watching from December to May. Summer snorkel trips to Lanai, April to December.

Specializing in Close Encounters off Maui since 1982. NO CROWDS – Although we are certified for 24 Passengers we take only 18 or less for your comfort.

We have specialized in photographic, non-threatening close encounters with Dolphins, Whales & Turtles since 1982. The photographers choice, we have hosted film crews from National Geographic and BBC Wildlife. Operating within the Hawaiian Island Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary, we depart from historic Lahaina Town, Maui. From December through May, Humpback Whale encounters are guaranteed and the crystalline off shore waters frequently provide a passing subsurface eye-to-eye view. Many people are truly touched by their experience amongst these intelligent giants.

Fluke - Maui Whale Watching

We invite you to come and see for yourself, one of the last remaining great migrations of the Animal Kingdom. And as always, a portion of each ticket sold supports whale research on Maui. Thank you for helping make a difference.

The Trip: Our ultimate whale watch includes expert narration by researchers that are currently studying the humpback whales, insuring quality and current information. We do not use loudspeakers to talk with our guests, creating an intimate conversational setting with the crew and a small group. Listen to live whale song with our hydrophone. Every seat is a front row seat because we keep the whales to the side of our boat giving maximum viewing area. We specialize in getting the optimum whale photo scenarios. Our captains are trained to analyze the lighting and other environmental conditions to create the best photo opportunities.

Vessel: Maui Whale watching on the “Wiki Wahine”, a 30 feet rigid hulled inflatable raft. Certified for 24 passengers, we only allow 18 passengers on the vessel to insure a quality experience. Our boat is 60% shaded, has quiet out board engines, and is capable of speeds up to 50 miles an hour, making us the fastest whale watch boat on Maui. The pontoons decrease the boat from rocking which makes for a less sea sick prone ride, and you are so close to the water that you can put your feet or head in.

Guarantee: Not only to see whales but guaranteed to get as close as legally possible. We are the only whale watch with that guarantee. Free trip if our guarantee isn’t fulfilled.

Restrictions: No back, neck injuries, pregnant ladies or infants please. 
Here is more information on the best snorkeling spots in Maui.

Wiki Wahine - Maui Whale Watching Tours

Ultimate Whale Watch is the best Maui whale watching platform for a whale watcher of any level – first time whale watcher to pro photographer. Humpback whales are always a site to see. You truly won’t believe your eyes when a 45 ton humpback whale breaches out of the beautiful Hawaiian waters. These animals are amazing and we are so fortunate they choose such a gorgeous place like Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii to migrate for the winter months to have their calves as well as mate. Research has yet to witness a humpback whale mating or a humpback whale giving birth. We know its happening for sure though, because these gentle giants are making a 7% increase in there population a year. That’s great news for the survival of the humpback whale and all the humpback whale calves to come.

Other activities we witness these unbelievable humpback whales doing in our pristine Maui ocean are tail throws, pectoral slaps, spy hopping, and our favorite mugging. A Tail Throw is when a humpback whale lifts its giant fluke or tail out of the water and throws it back into the ocean. This is performed many times by female humpback whales that may be trying to get attention from male humpbacks that are interested in mating. Pectoral Slapping is possibly another attention maker by the female humpback whale. She will raise her giant pectoral fin or arm fin out of the water and repeatedly slap it back down on the surface of the water. This is also believed to draw in the adult male humpback whales that are in the area. Now spy hopping is a peculiar behavior to watch the humpback whale perform. Spy Hopping is were the humpback whale is floating vertically in the water and lifts its whole rostrum or head out of the water. The humpback whale can actually see out of water. This behavior is used many times by the humpback whales to view their surroundings. It’s most extraordinary to watch a 45 ton 45 foot humpback whale poke its head out of the water. Last but definitely not least Mugging. Here at Ultimate Whale Watch we are pretty famous for being mugged. Mugged you ask?? No we don’t loose our wallets and purses, Mugging is a term used in the whale watching world for when a humpback whale approaches your boat closer then a 100 yards on its own accord. Since our boats at Ultimate Whale Watch are small non-threatening these giant humpback whales are typically curious, and will believe it or not, swim right up to our boat. This be far is the most impressive thing to see in all of Maui, Lahaina or even all of Hawaii for that matter.

So if you aren’t yet convinced on taking a Maui whale watching tour with Ultimate Whale Watch, check out the rest of our website and read actual testimony from real whale watchers themselves. Lives have been changed forever after taking an Ultimate Whale Watch with us in beautiful Lahaina, Maui. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call at Ultimate Whale Watch to book a whale watching trip of a life time.

Having such a long history of providing the best Maui whale watching, we do fill up fast, so call ahead and book early.

Tail Throw - Maui Whale Watching

Tail Throw

Pec Slap - Maui Whale Watching

Pectoral Slap

Spy Hop - Maui Whale Watching

Spy Hop

Mugging - Maui Whale Watching


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